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Liza Goldstein, Solo-Klarinettistin, NWD-Philharmonie, Herford

Thank you so much Henry Paulus & Matthias Schuler for this amazing innovative invention of the Zoom Barrel! With the Z-Barrels you made for my Reform-Boehm clarinets, the German qualities of a rich, round, centered, resonating sound are enhanced by the flexibility

and ease of tone production and evenness in all registers and in all dynamics. For me, a dream comes true! The tone projects just by whispering into the clarinets and the sound flows naturally from register to register. In addition, the overall intonation of my instruments has become even more precise. It is a pure luxury to be able to Zoom-in-or-out, even while playing, to adjust immediately to changes in intonation. Indeed, there is no longer an issue of which barrels to take on Tour, since I know I am capable of adjusting from 440-444 all with one barrel. With their Stream-line design, P&S Zoom Barrels have already changed the way clarinets look and perform; they can certainly be considered the most important development for the clarinet-regardless for which ‘system’ clarinet-of the 21st century. A ‘must-have’ for all clarinetists!