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JM Santandreu - Principal Clarinet Universal Symphony Orchestra and Ensemble d'Arts.
Solo performance, recording artist and professor.

Estimado Sr. Paulus & Mr Schuler,

Para mí, cuando vas a preparar un concierto de música de cámara,

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Anthony McGill - Soloklarinettist des New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Dear Henry,

I want to say how nice it was to meet you. 

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Rolf Kühndie Jazz Legende! Spielte in USA mit Benny Goodman.

Lieber Herr Paulus,

nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche Unterstützung!

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Prof. Karl Leister - ehem. 1. Soloklarinettist der Berliner Philharmoniker und Professor an der Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule in Berlin

Die neue Zoom - Klarinetten - Birne habe ich vor ca drei Jahren kennen gelernt.

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Liza Goldstein, Solo-Klarinettistin, NWD-Philharmonie, Herford

Thank you so much Henry Paulus & Matthias Schuler for this amazing innovative invention of the Zoom Barrel! With the Z-Barrels you made for my Reform-Boehm clarinets, the German qualities of a rich, round, centered, resonating sound are enhanced by the flexibility

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Ciprian Dancu, solo clarinet in Sibiu State Philharmonic, Romania

After a week while I made tests with the barrel in the Orchestra and even a recital with Weber Quintett last week,I decided to keep the 65 mm Barrel. Great intonation,the sounds are clear, separate (the harmonics are not mixing together like the regular barrel).

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Ferrante Casellato, clarinetist at the teatro la Fenice

I have received your barrels last week. As you know, I have tried them with my friends at the Teatro la Fenice. I am very satisfied !!!
Thank you very much!

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Per Majland, solo-clarinettist, band of Royal Danish Guards

Dear Mr. Paulus and Mr.Schuler!
Thank you very much for the two barrels that you made for me. They fit my clarinets perfectly. I like the sound better than my original barrels. The sound is focused but with a lot more ring to the tone. Intonation is superb in all registers regardless of the positions I use. No more guessing conserning how much to pull the barrels, no more uneven intonation correction. Brilliant! They are easy to use and they simply just work. This must be THE number one gadget for the serious clarinettist!

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